Monday, April 21, 2014
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Does buying local actually make me a Republican now? Uh oh. read more

NBC News Reportedly Banned A Chelsea Clinton Marriage Equality Ad

Posted by Jack Mirkinson On November - 23 - 2012 ADD COMMENTS

NBC News stopped Chelsea Clinton from appearing in an ad supporting same-sex marriage during the 2012 campaign, BuzzFeed reported on Thursday. In August, Clinton told… read more

Mike Lux: Can Democrats Retake the House in 2014?

Posted by Mike Lux On November - 23 - 2012 ADD COMMENTS

The House results on Election Day 2012 were the only bad things that happened in what was otherwise obviously a pretty great day for Democrats… read more

Millions of Americans will start off their Thanksgiving statements with, "I am thankful Barack Obama will be our president for four more years. The biggest lesson we hope he learned from over the past four is to not start negotiating from a compromise position. read more

Macy’s is sponsoring a big holiday-season event in which empty but glittery baubles are filled with hot air and sent heavenward, then dragged through the… read more

US Attorney General Denies Feeling ‘Completely Screwed’ By Theresa May

Posted by The Huffington Post UK On November - 21 - 2012 ADD COMMENTS

US attorney general Eric Holder has denied feeling "completely screwed" by Theresa May after she blocked the extradition of computer hacker Gary McKinnon last month…. read more

Republicans: We Just Need Better Candidates

Posted by Michael McAuliff On November - 20 - 2012 ADD COMMENTS

WASHINGTON — Republican losses in the 2012 elections were not a progressive leap for America or a repudiation of conservatives and the Tea Party –… read more

Sen. Bernie Sanders: Stand with Working Families

Posted by Sen. Bernie Sanders On November - 19 - 2012 ADD COMMENTS

The Democrats won a major victory on Election Day. Despite dozens of billionaires spending huge amounts of money to defeat President Barack Obama, he won… read more

Are the writers signaling to us that Nicholas Brody’s days are numbered? It doesn’t seem possible that Showtime would give Damian Lewis the Sean Bean treatment … But clearly, the countdown to Abu Nazir’s big attack is under way. read more

Demographic trends suggest that this paradigm shift will only loom larger in the years to come. The implications of this change should not be underestimated; this is an incredible moment for progressive politics, and 2012 simply marks the beginning. read more

Oklahoma Doctors vs. ObamaCare

Posted by Jim Epstein, Reason On November - 17 - 2012 ADD COMMENTS

Jim Epstein, ReasonThree years ago, Dr. Keith Smith, co-founder and managing partner of the Surgery Center of Oklahoma, took an initiative that would only be considered radical in the health care industry: He posted&#1… read more

Romney Needs to Shut Up and Go Away

Posted by Paul Mulshine, NJ Star-Ledger On November - 16 - 2012 ADD COMMENTS

Paul Mulshine, NJ Star-LedgerThere is a way to handle defeat gracefully.But Mitt Romney never does anything gracefully.That speech in which he blamed his loss on "gifts" Barack Obama gave to voters certainly had some truth to it. But&nbs… read more

President Signals a Tough Line on Taxes

Posted by Nancy Cook, National Journal On November - 14 - 2012 ADD COMMENTS

Nancy Cook, National JournalPresident Obama cast himself as an open-minded negotiator during his first, postelection press conference—even as his words amplified the administration’s increasingly tough stance on taxes.The president… read more

If Republicans won’t budge on raising tax rates but insist on broadening the base, Democrats should take aim at the biggest tax loophole of all for America’s wealthy: the preference for capital gains. Capital gains should be taxed the same as ordinary income. read more

A growing number of Republican senators are expressing skepticism about the possibility President Barack Obama could pick Susan Rice to replace Hilary Clinton as secretary… read more

Scott Capurro: Pink Slip the Senate

Posted by Scott Capurro On November - 13 - 2012 ADD COMMENTS

Wonder Woman is more excited than when she bought her first shipment of steroids on line, because there’s now lots of lesbians in the senate! Or just one? Well, one OUT lesbian is more than enough, right Hillary? read more

The Grover Plan: More Cowbell!

Posted by Mickey Kaus, The Daily Caller On November - 13 - 2012 ADD COMMENTS

Mickey Kaus, The Daily CallerLet your friends help you discover the best news, features and videos on TheDC. Publish what you read and maintain full control.We’ll dilute our way out of it! Republicans did poorly among Hispanics last week.&am… read more

Geoffrey R. Stone: Why Did the Republicans Win the House?

Posted by Geoffrey R. Stone On November - 10 - 2012 ADD COMMENTS

How could the Republicans have won 55 percent of the House seats at the same time that Mitt Romney received only 48 percent of the popular vote? Did that many people split their vote? It turns out the answer is "no." read more

The Timing Is Just Too Perfect

Posted by Ralph Peters, FOX News On November - 10 - 2012 ADD COMMENTS

Ralph Peters, FOX NewsThe Latest Politics, News & Election VideosTweet${title}LT. COL. RALPH PETERS: The timing is just too perfect for the Obama administration. Just as the administration claimed it was purely coincidence that our Benghazi consul… read more

Why Romney Never Saw It Coming

Posted by John Dickerson, Slate On November - 10 - 2012 ADD COMMENTS

John Dickerson, SlateMitt Romney says he is a numbers guy, but in the end he got the numbers wrong. His campaign was adamant that public polls in the swing states were mistaken. They claimed the pollsters were over-estimating the number of Democrats w… read more

Joe Peyronnin: Stop Whining, Republicans

Posted by Joe Peyronnin On November - 9 - 2012 ADD COMMENTS

President Obama’s resounding victory has exposed a core problem within the Republican Party: It is filled with anger and hatred brought on by an identity crisis. read more

We are not delusional or naive enough to expect that getting to maybe will be an easy task. We recognize that over the past few years, compromise in Congress has become an oxymoron and bipartisanship a dirty word. read more

Meredith Haberfeld: Election Hangover

Posted by Meredith Haberfeld On November - 9 - 2012 ADD COMMENTS

It’s so easy for all of us to fall into an, "I’ll get to it" paradigm, until the moment is upon us… even when we know better. read more

5 Reasons Why Puerto Rico Won’t Become The 51st State

Posted by The Huffington Post On November - 8 - 2012 ADD COMMENTS

This week’s vote on Puerto Rico’s status, in which the largest share of votes supported statehood, got a lot of people wondering whether the island… read more
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