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Republican pols allege that Dems are conducting tea party trickery

The strength of the tea party movement, supporters say, is that it’s a genuine grass-roots uprising, with a loose and widely disbursed structure of leadership. However, those same qualities can also lend themselves to election-year manipulation, and reports are now spreading throughout the country that Democrats are putting up phony tea party candidates in GOP […]

Tea Party Running Short On Cash

Some leading tea party activists are concerned that their efforts to reshape American politics, starting with the 2010 elections, are being undermined by a shortage of cash that’s partly the result of a deep ambivalence within the movement’s grassroots over the very idea of fundraising, and partly attributable to an inability to win over the […]

Tea Party Express jabbed for spending habits

The Tea Party Express, the biggest fundraiser among the many loosely affiliated tea party groups out there, gets kicked around in this post on the Red County blog. Writer Bryan Myrick notes that while the PAC has raised $4.8 million this year,… read more