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A Tea Party Manifesto

Dick Armey & Matt Kibbe, Wall Street JournalOn Feb. 9, 2009, Mary Rakovich, a recently laid-off automotive engineer, set out for a convention center in Fort Myers, Fla. with protest signs, a cooler of water and the courage of her convictions. She …

Portman Fine-Tunes Message in Ohio

Erin McPike, RealClearPoliticsBy Erin McPike – August 17, 2010More Election NewsAfter nearly half a dozen Republican Senate recruits have fallen to more conservative challengers or Tea Party-driven candidates in primaries this year, at least one GOP c…

The Unnecessary Fall of Barack Obama

John Judis, The New RepublicOn April 14, 2009, as Barack Obama's standing in the polls was beginning to slip, and as Tea Party demonstrators were amassing in Washington for tax day protests, the president gave a lengthy address at Georgetown Univ…

Anti-Incumbent? Yes, But Maybe Not So Much

The throw-the-bums-out narrative that had taken hold in the media in recent months suffered a blow in this week’s primaries. So, too, has the GOP’s dream of harnessing the energy of Tea Party fiscal conservatives. But Democrats still face some hurdles.

Barack Obama celebrates primary victories as Tea Party splits vote

President bolstered for November’s mid-terms as Democrats lead in key races for Senate and state governorships Barack Obama and his Democratic allies have scored a series of victories in primary races while the Republican establishment has lost out to agitated Tea Party supporters, bolstering the president’s hand in November’s mid-term elections. The results of primaries […]