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Yipes, It’s Congress on the Move

Gail Collins, New York TimesWow, there’s a lot going on in Washington! Budgets are flying all over the place. The Senate might actually start voting on a gun bill Thursday. And immigration reform has now gotten so far that the House of Repre…

The Early Line on the 2014 Midterms

Sabato & Kondik, Wall Street Journal
President Obama’s greatest setback to date has been the 2010 midterm elections. Gains that Republicans scored in the House and Senate still circumscribe his agenda. It is no surprise, then, that the Obama White House wants to achieve something no other president has ever done: Retake full control of Congr

The Partisan Ice Could Be Breaking

E.J. Dionne, Washington Post
WASHINGTON — Just when our politics seemed destined to freeze into a brain-dead brand of partisanship, party lines started cracking up.It is common in politics to assume that whatever has been happening will keep happening. But a series of events last week suggested that human beings — even those of a highly partis

Congressional Abdication on Foreign Policy

Jim Webb, National Interest
In matters of foreign policy, Congress, and especially the Senate, was designed as a hedge against the abuses exhibited by overeager European monarchs who for centuries had whimsically entangled their countries in misguided adventures. America would not be such a place. The Constitution would protect our governmental

Another Golden Era of Liberal Senators

Norman Ornstein, New RepublicOne of the most stunning outcomes of the 2012 elections was the Democrats’ two-seat gain in the Senate. With 23 seats at risk to only ten for Republicans, Democrats were hoping simply to hold their own or keep th…

House Passes Senate Fiscal Bill

Montgomery & Helderman, Washington PostCongress approved a plan to end Washington’s long drama over the “fiscal cliff” late Tuesday after House Republicans surrendered to President Obama’s demand to let taxe…