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Dems Need Working-Class Heroes to Keep Senate

Posted by Josh Kraushaar, NJ On April - 24 - 2013 ADD COMMENTS
Josh Kraushaar, NJ

3 Cheers for the Internet Tax!

Posted by Daniel Gross, The Daily Beast On April - 24 - 2013 ADD COMMENTS
Daniel Gross, The Daily BeastOn Monday, the Senate approved a measure that would let states tax retailers based in other states when those retailers sell to their own residents. In other words, states may soon get the green light to tax e-commerce.It&...

Scary Cruz Control in the Senate

Posted by Dana Milbank, Washington Post On April - 20 - 2013 ADD COMMENTS
Dana Milbank, Washington Post

The Senate Fails Americans on Gun Bills

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Newtown’s Call to Reason on Guns

Posted by E.J. Dionne, Washington Post On April - 14 - 2013 ADD COMMENTS
E.J. Dionne, Washington Post
WASHINGTON -- The heroic and inspiring role played by the families of the Sandy Hook massacre's victims should not be used to create what would be a dangerously misleading narrative about how they changed the politics of guns.The importance of last Thursday's 68-31 vote in the Senate to proceed with debate on a bill to curb gun violence cannot be understated, and the testimonies from the citizens of Newtown were vital to that victory.To say this is not to deny that many fights loom ahead. This was a vote to debate, not to pass, a bill -- and the House of Representatives could prove...

‘Nothing’s Off The Table’ For Brown

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Former Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.) emphasized his ties to the Granite State during a Saturday appearance in New Hampshire, where he hinted he may pursue...

The Gun Lobby’s Dumbest Argument

Posted by Michael Tomasky, The Daily Beast On April - 13 - 2013 ADD COMMENTS
Michael Tomasky, The Daily BeastAs the Senate gets set to show that you can fight the National Rifle Association, let’s consider what has to be the worst reason ever put forward by anyone to oppose anything in the entire history of the human...

Yipes, It’s Congress on the Move

Posted by Gail Collins, New York Times On April - 10 - 2013 ADD COMMENTS
Gail Collins, New York TimesWow, there’s a lot going on in Washington! Budgets are flying all over the place. The Senate might actually start voting on a gun bill Thursday. And immigration reform has now gotten so far that the House of Repre...

Malicious Obstruction in the Senate

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McCain’s ‘Wacko Birds’ Fight Rages On

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Sen. John McCain may have apologized for calling relative Senate newcomers Rand Paul and Ted Cruz “wacko birds,” but the Arizona Republican hasn’t given up...

The Early Line on the 2014 Midterms

Posted by Sabato & Kondik, Wall Street Journal On March - 18 - 2013 ADD COMMENTS
Sabato & Kondik, Wall Street Journal
President Obama's greatest setback to date has been the 2010 midterm elections. Gains that Republicans scored in the House and Senate still circumscribe his agenda. It is no surprise, then, that the Obama White House wants to achieve something no other president has ever done: Retake full control of Congress in a midterm. 

The Partisan Ice Could Be Breaking

Posted by E.J. Dionne, Washington Post On March - 10 - 2013 ADD COMMENTS
E.J. Dionne, Washington Post
WASHINGTON -- Just when our politics seemed destined to freeze into a brain-dead brand of partisanship, party lines started cracking up.It is common in politics to assume that whatever has been happening will keep happening. But a series of events last week suggested that human beings -- even those of a highly partisan and ideological sort -- bridle at being confined in intellectual straitjackets.Start with the progress on two of this year's central issues, gun safety and immigration.It was unfortunate that talks between Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla., and Senate advocates of universal...

In Making Play for House, Obama Could Lose Senate

Posted by Josh Kraushaar, NJ On March - 8 - 2013 ADD COMMENTS
Josh Kraushaar, NJPresident Obama’s advisers have telegraphed their goal to win control of the House in 2014, which would give the president unfettered control to advance his favored policies. But the bigger concern for the White House shoul...

Congressional Abdication on Foreign Policy

Posted by Jim Webb, National Interest On March - 4 - 2013 ADD COMMENTS
Jim Webb, National Interest
In matters of foreign policy, Congress, and especially the Senate, was designed as a hedge against the abuses exhibited by overeager European monarchs who for centuries had whimsically entangled their countries in misguided adventures. America would not be such a place. The Constitution would protect our governmental process from the overreach of a single executive who might otherwise succumb to the impulsive temptation to unilaterally risk our country's blood, treasure and international prestige. Congress was given the power to declare war and appropriate funds, thus eliminating any...

Why Did Dems Give Jack Lew a Pass?

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While Washington was obsessing Wednesday over whether or not the oh-so-intimidating Gene Sperling had threatened Bob Woodward over his deeply misguided take on the budget...

McConnell Duped By Parody News Report

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The best parody contains elements of truth. Which might explain how the military’s answer to The Onion suckered the Senate’s Republican leader....

Senate Should Confirm Chuck Hagel

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Ending “Silent Filibuster” Will Help Senate Function

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Another Golden Era of Liberal Senators

Posted by Norman Ornstein, New Republic On January - 8 - 2013 ADD COMMENTS
Norman Ornstein, New RepublicOne of the most stunning outcomes of the 2012 elections was the Democrats’ two-seat gain in the Senate. With 23 seats at risk to only ten for Republicans, Democrats were hoping simply to hold their own or keep th...

Ryan Trying To Find ‘Sweet Spot’

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WASHINGTON — After Senator John McCain’s failed presidential bid in 2008, he repaired to the Senate to become a thorn in President Obama’s side....

Richard (RJ) Eskow: A Deficit Hawk Earns His Seat in Heaven

Posted by Richard (RJ) Eskow On January - 6 - 2013 ADD COMMENTS
Three public figures associated with the movement to cut government spending appeared in the news this week. All three characters -- the Senator, the Lobbyist, and the Economist -- have encouraged steep cuts in government spending. But only one of them is going to heaven. Which one?
DES MOINES, Iowa -- Republicans in Congress who took the politically risky step of voting this week to raise taxes now find themselves trying to...
Some Republicans don't know a victory when they see one. All you hear out of presidential hopeful Marco Rubio and House Majority Leader Eric Cantor is doom and gloom but this is a case of not seeing the forest for the trees.

House Passes Sandy Aid

Posted by Luke Johnson On January - 4 - 2013 ADD COMMENTS
The House of Representatives passed $9.7 billion in aid for Hurricane Sandy victims by a 354-67 vote on Friday. All no votes came from Republicans....