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A Setback for Minority Education Under Obama

Posted by Paul Peterson, WSJ On August - 6 - 2013 ADD COMMENTS
Paul Peterson, WSJ

New al-Qaeda Menace Result of Years of Bad Policy

Posted by Eugene Robinson, WP On August - 6 - 2013 ADD COMMENTS
Eugene Robinson, WP
WASHINGTON -- If the new, decentralized al-Qaeda is such a threat that 19 American embassies, consulates and other diplomatic posts have to be shuttered for a week, we have a decade of wrongheaded U.S. policy to blame.The Arab Spring contributed by creating power vacuums for militant anti-Western jihadists to exploit. But myopic decision-making in Washington clearly played a huge role -- and, while I hope we're getting smarter, I have my doubts.President Obama's decision to order the closure of U.S. outposts in much of the Muslim world drew rare bipartisan support on Capitol Hill,...

Why Republicans Want Jobs to Stay Anemic

Posted by Robert Reich, Huffington Post On August - 5 - 2013 ADD COMMENTS
Robert Reich, Huffington Post
Job-growth is sputtering. So why, exactly, do regressive Republicans continue to say "no" to every idea for boosting it -- even last week's almost absurdly modest proposal by President Obama to combine corporate tax cuts with increased spending on roads and other public works?It can't be because Republicans don't know what's happening. The data are indisputable. July's job growth of 162,000 jobs was the weakest in four months. The average workweek was the shortest in six months. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has also lowered its estimates of hiring during...

Obama’s Goal: The Permanently Expanded State

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Kevin Williamson, NRO

Honoring the Legends of the Negro League

Posted by Carl Cannon, RealClearPolitics On August - 5 - 2013 ADD COMMENTS
Carl Cannon, RealClearPolitics
Good morning, it’s Monday, August 5, 2013. This evening, in a private ceremony at the White House, President Obama will host a reception for Negro League players.Unfortunately, the event is not open to the press or the public, perhaps out of deference to the advanced ages of the players. Like the heroes of the Greatest Generation, the gladiators of America’s segregated baseball diamonds are leaving us, as they have been for some time. The great Satchel Paige departed this vale in 1982. Judy Johnson passed away in 1989; James "Cool Papa" Bell died in 1991, Ray...

If Benghazi’s No Scandal, Why a Cover-Up?

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Jonathan Tobin, CommentaryPresident Obama has been a broken record lately claiming over and over again that Republicans are promoting “phony scandals,” the chief of which is the effort to keep asking questions about the Benghazi te...

Marshall Ganz: Jim Messina, Organizing for Reaction

Posted by Marshall Ganz On August - 3 - 2013 ADD COMMENTS
I was shocked to read this morning of the fact that Jim Messina, manager of President Obama's 2012 campaign, had marketed himself to the UK's Conservative Party, while, at the same time, chairing the president's "Organizing for Action" program here in the States.

Obama’s Middle East Mess

Posted by Walter Russell Mead, The American Interest On August - 2 - 2013 ADD COMMENTS
Walter Russell Mead, The American InterestSecretary of State John Kerry went uncomfortably off-message yesterday in Pakistan, voicing a surprising level of support for Egypt’s military to journalists in Islamabad:“In effect, they w...

Obama’s Boys Club

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Of all the charges and counter-charges that have been aired so far in the reality show known as "America's Next Fed Chairman," none is more...

Why Is the President Sneering at Pipeline Jobs?

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Guy Benson, Townhall
Quite the cavalier attitude from a president who's in the middle of a potemkin "jobs" tour, with the national U-6 unemployment rate hovering above 14 percent. Discounting 2,000 American jobs as a "blip" might strike many unemployed Americans as an odd formulation. Beyond that, he's wrong on the numbers, ignoring the dramatically more optimistic findings of his own State Department. The Washington Post's fact-checker lays out the stats, awarding Obama "two Pinocchios" for his misleading characterization:

Obama’s Creeping Authoritarianism

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Daniel Henninger, Wall St. Journal

Obamacare’s Missing Employer Mandate

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James Capretta, Weekly StdAfter getting over the shock of the Obama administration’s unilateral decision to delay the employer mandate for a year, supporters of the law have taken to downplaying the significance of the step. Jonathan Chait a...

Sarah Palin: "I was banned from talking about" Bill Ayers during the 2008 presidential campaign.

Posted by Politifact.com Truth-O-Meter rulings from National On July - 30 - 2013 ADD COMMENTS
The Truth-o-Meter says: Pants on Fire! | Sarah Palin says GOP banned mention of Ayers in '08

Sarah Palin still speaks bitterly about 2008. The former Republican vice-presidential candidate spoke on Fox News recently about current matters such as the raid on the American diplomatic outpost in Libya and the IRS vetting of nonprofit applications when she turned back to the 2008 presidential campaign. "I was banned from talking about Jeremiah Wright and Obama's friend, Bill Ayers, the character that he befriended and kicked off his political campaign in the guy's living room," Palin said. "Couldn't talk about that." Palin pointed a finger at who she thought was to blame. "I was not allowed to talk ...

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Chris Weigant: Obama’s New August Strategy

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President Obama, for the first time in memory, is not going to ignore August. Augusts haven't been kind to Obama in the past. But this...

Arianna Huffington: Sunday Roundup

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This week saw the resurfacing of an unfortunate episode that many had thought was over, or had at least conveniently forgotten about. I'm talking, of course, about our still-sputtering economy. On Wednesday, President Obama gave what was bill...

Our Cynic-in-Chief

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Jonah Goldberg, National Review
My rival in this race," President Obama announced early in 2007, "is not other candidates. It's cynicism." Sadly, it's now evident cynicism won.In a much-hyped speech at Knox College on Wednesday, Obama sought to pivot back to the economy "” as the journalistic cliché goes "” and shape the issue environment for the 2014 congressional elections.Because of an "endless parade of distractions and political posturing and phony scandals," the president said, "Washington's taken its eye off...

INFOGRAPHIC: The Most Extreme Weather (So Far) Of 2013

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From a frigid winter to an oppressively hot summer, 2013 has had its share of extreme weather. The widest tornado ever recorded in the United...
"A symbol around the world for an America that flouts the rule of law." These are President Obama's recent words on Guantanamo Bay, the military prison he rules as commander-in-chief. But as Gitmo's infamous hunger strike enters its sixth month, it is increasingly plain that we have not one, but two administrations on Guantánamo Bay. The first - the administration of President Obama's speeches - regrets the prison... The second administration offers a retort.

Why the Republican Coalition Still Works in ’16

Posted by Harry Enten, Guardian On July - 25 - 2013 ADD COMMENTS
Harry Enten, Guardian
The faultline in the GOP revealed by the party's internal debate on immigration reform "“ over whether a future Republican coalition should rely more heavily on whites than it already does, or should try and bring more Latinos into the fold to win the presidency "“ remains unresolved. What we can say is that the last election and current polling suggest that the Republicans' path of least resistance is to win even more non-college-educated whites and to try to win somewhat more of the minority vote.Start with the fact that in 2012 Obama lost a...

Obama’s Low Job Approval Bad News for Dems in 2014

Posted by J.T. Young, IBD On July - 24 - 2013 ADD COMMENTS
J.T. Young, IBD
Conventional wisdom says highly motivated opponents and unmotivated supporters cost Democrats 2010's midterm. If true, Obama's current low polling numbers could augur a sequel in 2014.Not only is Obama today almost exactly where he was with the overall population in the 2010 election, he is polling decidedly worse among those with strong feelings.Rasmussen polling data provide a comprehensive, almost daily picture of Obama's presidency. By averaging 14-day polling periods, we avoid daily volatility and get an accurate view "” like a series of high-speed...

Is President Obama Out of Ideas?

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Dana Milbank, Washington Post
"I don't normally do this," President Obama's senior adviser Dan Pfeiffer wrote in the subject line of an e-mail blast to reporters Sunday night.This was tantalizing. What would this top White House official be doing? Singing karaoke on the North Lawn? Getting a "POTUS" tattoo on his arm?Reality was rather more prosaic. Pfeiffer was announcing the rollout of a series of economic speeches Obama would begin on Wednesday "” roughly the 10th time the White House has made such a pivot to refocus on jobs and growth. What would set...

Obama’s Lesson: Black Males Need Our Help

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Obama & the Unfinished Business of Race

Posted by Eugene Robinson, Wash Post On July - 22 - 2013 ADD COMMENTS
Eugene Robinson, Wash Post
WASHINGTON -- Sometimes it's good to be proved wrong. Last week, I wrote a column doubting that President Obama could speak powerfully and effectively about the racial issues raised by the Trayvon Martin case. Well, the president did just that.Obama's remarks Friday -- a surprise to reporters expecting the usual daily press briefing -- were brief and informal. But they amounted to the most important speech about race our first African-American president has delivered in office.My skepticism about whether Obama should even try to say anything meaningful about Martin's death and...