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Is President Obama Out of Ideas?

Dana Milbank, Washington Post
"I don’t normally do this," President Obama’s senior adviser Dan Pfeiffer wrote in the subject line of an e-mail blast to reporters Sunday night.This was tantalizing. What would this top White House offi

Obama & the Unfinished Business of Race

Eugene Robinson, Wash Post
WASHINGTON — Sometimes it’s good to be proved wrong. Last week, I wrote a column doubting that President Obama could speak powerfully and effectively about the racial issues raised by the Trayvon Martin case. Well, the president

President Obama’s Summer Swoon

Chris Stirewalt, FOX NewsPresident Obama’s poor job approval ratings have become as much a part of late July as sweet corn and a fire sale on the Cubs’ roster. But this time, Team Obama has a plan to prevent the second-half slump t…

The Full-Time White House Horror Show


Wes Pruden, Washington TimesEverything about President Obama’s grand takeover of everyone’s aches and pains puts the pain in a new place. The only relief he can promise is that the pain is more tolerable today than it will be tomor…

Buyer’s Remorse From Obamacare Backers


Seth Mandel, Commentary
One of the key selling points for ObamaCare was President Obama’s repeated promise that if you like your current health insurance plan, you can keep it. This posed a challenge to the president because not only was it clearly untrue,

Obama’s “Hidden Hand” Approach


Peter Baker, New York TimesThat is not to say Mr. Obama is uninvolved. In the privacy of the West Wing, away from the cameras, he has made calls to leading figures in the Arab world and has met with advisers trying to influence the crisis. But his low…

Is Obama’s Biggest Problem Obama?

Ezra Klein, Washington PostFor the White House, immigration reform perfectly encapsulates the most frustrating reality of President Obama’s second term: If it’s to be a success, Obama needs to stay out of it — or…

Another IRS Scandal Waiting to Happen


Kim Strassel, Wall St. Journal
The Obama administration claims it wants to ensure that the rank political abuse perpetrated by the Internal Revenue Service is never repeated. Ask Donald McGahn how that’s going.Mr. McGahn is a Republican appointee to the Fed

Obama’s Never-Mind Presidency


George Will, Washington PostOn a Friday, the Senate received a 114-page amendment to the (by then) more than 1,000-page “Gang of Eight” bill, which the Senate passed the following Thursday. Senators can repent at leisure after they…

Obama’s Shocking Attitude on Egypt

Charles Krauthammer, FOX News
CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: Obama is a bystander, again. Here are the Egyptians in the millions out on the street, trying to bring down an Islamist government, increasingly dictatorial, increasingly intolerant, arresting journalists a

Nelson Mandela and President Obama


Bill Keller, New York TimesGATHERING valedictory material on Nelson Mandela as he faded in a Pretoria hospital the other day, I came across a little book called “Mandela’s Way.” In this 2010 volume, Rick Stengel, the ghos…

Obama’s War on Prosperity


William Tucker, The American Spectator
President Obama’s Administration is beginning to feel like one endless freshman orientation, you remember the kind where they used to sit you down the first week of college and tell you you’d been oppressing blacks and

The IRS Scandal Needs a Special Prosecutor

Ron Fournier, National Jrnl
You’re being spun, America. On the vital question of whether the Internal Revenue Service incompetently or corruptly targeted conservative groups, both the White House and GOP are rushing to judgment "“ and the

Obama’s Foreign Policy Begins to Crumble

David Francis, Fiscal TimesEarlier this month, President Obama shook up his foreign policy team, appointing former UN ambassador Susan Rice as national security chief, while naming Samantha Power to replace Rice.Rice and Power are heavyweights in the …