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2013 Races Will Turn on Personal Factors

Michael Barone, DC Examiner
Sometimes off-year elections provide insight into national political trends and voters’ views on issues. That was true in 2009, when the issues in the governor elections in New Jersey and Virginia were congruent with the issues facing Congress and the president.In both states the Republicans campaigned for lower spend

President Obama and the Drone Wars

Mark Bowden, The AtlanticConsider David. The shepherd lad steps up to face in single combat the Philistine giant Goliath. Armed with only a slender staff and a slingshot, he confronts a fearsome warrior clad in a brass helmet and chain mail, wielding …

The Debate Obama Never Wanted

Major Garrett, National Journal
Edward Snowden has put words in President Obama’s mouth. Words like transparency, reform, openness, and debate.This is not necessarily cause for celebration or condemnation. It is, however, a fact. That the White House refuses to acknowledge this is testament to the policy-altering effect of Snowden’s leaks of cla

Eric Holder’s Urgent Sense of Justice


Ana Marie Cox, The Guardian
Only Obama’s most vicious critics deny him the singular accomplishment that, in a way, he shares with the country as a whole: he’s the first black president. Nothing can take that away from him, or from us; it’s a point of pride and hope whenever we are reminded of racial inequality’s tenacious grip.But imagine we’d e

Obama’s New 27-Year-Old Paternalist

Kyle Smith, New York PostUnemployed? Underemployed? Working the register at Denny’s when you used to be on the management track? Just been informed you’ll be one of the ObamaCare “29ers” who gets that many hours…

The Budget Sequester Is a Success

Stephen Moore, Wall Street Journal
The biggest underreported story out of Washington this year is that the federal budget is shrinking and much more than anyone in either party expected.Consider the numbers: According to the Congressional Budget Office, annual outlays peaked at $3.598 trillion in fiscal 2011. After President Obama’s first two ye

New al-Qaeda Menace Result of Years of Bad Policy


Eugene Robinson, WP
WASHINGTON — If the new, decentralized al-Qaeda is such a threat that 19 American embassies, consulates and other diplomatic posts have to be shuttered for a week, we have a decade of wrongheaded U.S. policy to blame.The Arab Spring contributed by creating power vacuums for militant anti-Western jihadists to exploit. But myo

Why Republicans Want Jobs to Stay Anemic


Robert Reich, Huffington Post
Job-growth is sputtering. So why, exactly, do regressive Republicans continue to say “no” to every idea for boosting it — even last week’s almost absurdly modest proposal by President Obama to combine corporate tax cuts with increased spending on roads and other public works?It can’t be because Republicans don’t kn

Honoring the Legends of the Negro League


Carl Cannon, RealClearPolitics
Good morning, it’s Monday, August 5, 2013. This evening, in a private ceremony at the White House, President Obama will host a reception for Negro League players.Unfortunately, the event is not open to the press or the public, perhaps out of deference to the advanced ages of the players. Like the heroes o

Obama’s Middle East Mess

Walter Russell Mead, The American InterestSecretary of State John Kerry went uncomfortably off-message yesterday in Pakistan, voicing a surprising level of support for Egypt’s military to journalists in Islamabad:“In effect, they w…

Why Is the President Sneering at Pipeline Jobs?

Guy Benson, Townhall
Quite the cavalier attitude from a president who’s in the middle of a potemkin “jobs” tour, with the national U-6 unemployment rate hovering above 14 percent. Discounting 2,000 American jobs as a “blip” might strike many unemployed Americans as an odd formulation. Beyond that, he’s wrong on the numbers, ignoring the dramatic

Obamacare’s Missing Employer Mandate


James Capretta, Weekly StdAfter getting over the shock of the Obama administration’s unilateral decision to delay the employer mandate for a year, supporters of the law have taken to downplaying the significance of the step. Jonathan Chait a…