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Alison Lundergan Grimes: Says Sen. Mitch McConnell is "the No. 1 recipient of contributions from lobbyists this cycle."  

The Truth-o-Meter says: True | Does Mitch McConnell receive more money from lobbyists than any other member of Congress?

Republicans are hopeful they can win enough Senate seats in November to take control of the chamber, which puts Sen. Mitch McConnell in the driver’s seat to become majority leader next year. But first, the Kentuck

Chris Chocola: Says Sen. Thad Cochran "voted to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on … the Bridge to Nowhere in Alaska instead of shifting the money to repair a bridge damaged by Hurricane Katrina."

The Truth-o-Meter says: Half-True | Did Mississippi Sen. Thad Cochran spurn Katrina bridge-repair project to back ‘Bridge to Nowhere’?

Mississippi Sen. Thad Cochran was first elected to Congress in 1972, and was elected to the Senate six years later. But at age 76, Cochran is facing stiff competition for another term from a primary oppone

Facebook posts: Says Marco Rubio believes the earth is 9,000 years old and that humans hunted dinosaurs to extinction; says  Rand Paul believes the earth is 10,000 years old and God removed dinosaurs "to make space for humans."

The Truth-o-Meter says: Pants on Fire! | Facebook meme claims Rand Paul and Marco Rubio have anti-science views on dinosaurs, earth’s age

A new Facebook meme paints two leading Republicans as anti-science because of their alleged views of the age of the Earth. The Facebook group Being Liberal posted a picture March 10, 2014, featuring sid

Facebook posts: The percentage of black children born without a father in the home has risen from 7 percent in 1964 to 73 percent today, due to changes from President Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society.

The Truth-o-Meter says: False | Facebook meme blames Great Society for large rise in African-American fatherlessness

A reader recently sent us a bare-knuckled Facebook meme about race and fatherhood. The meme features a photograph of President Lyndon B. Johnson, whose “war on poverty” agenda in the mid 1960s was known as the Great Society

Janet Murguía: "We’re at the point of reaching 2 million deportations … this is a historic level, more than any other president of the United States."

The Truth-o-Meter says: Half-True | Activist Janet Murguía calls Obama ‘deporter-in-chief,’ says he has deported more immigrants than other presidents

Editor’s note: After we published this report, we got questions from readers about why we didn’t rely on more current numbers used by Immigration and Customs Enforcement,

Chain email: Says President Barack Obama told a room of students, "Children, every time I clap my hands together, a child in America dies from gun violence," and then a child told him he could solve the problem by not clapping any more.

The Truth-o-Meter says: Pants on Fire! | Chain email says child upbraided Barack Obama in ‘clapping’ demonstration about gun violence

A reader recently sent us a chain email that seemed hard to believe. Accompanied by a photograph of President Barack Obama conversing with a classroom of students, the chain email included the following tex

Democratic National Committee: In the recent House special election in Florida, Democrats "got outspent in a Republican district."

The Truth-o-Meter says: Mostly False | Democrats say Alex Sink ‘got outspent in a Republican district’

The votes in the special election for Florida’s 13th Congressional District were barely in before the blame game began. On March 11, 2013, Republican David Jolly defeated Democrat Alex Sink in the high-profile Pinellas County race

Ted Cruz: Says President Barack Obama "is the first president we've ever had who thinks he can choose which laws to enforce and which laws to ignore."

The Truth-o-Meter says: False | Ted Cruz says Barack Obama is first president ‘who thinks he can choose which laws to enforce and which laws to ignore’

Critics of President Barack Obama have charged that he has regularly exceeded the powers of his office in selectively enforcing the law. Their examples include making recess appointments,

Chuck Hagel: "It isn't me cutting the budget. It's the Congress' decision on sequestration. So it isn't secretary of defense or the president doing this."

The Truth-o-Meter says: Half-True | Hagel says Congress responsible for defense cuts, not Obama

President Barack Obama released his proposed budget for fiscal year 2015 on Tuesday. One point of contention is that the budget he proposed will reduce the army to its smallest size since 1940. On CBS’ Face the Nation on Sunday, Defense S

Larry Pressler: &quot;<em>American Hustle</em>&nbsp;shows the FBI making real-life bribes to Washington politicians. I know, because as your U.S. senator, I turned them down.&quot;

The Truth-o-Meter says: True | Larry Pressler recalls role rejecting Abscam bribe in new campaign ad

American Hustle — a movie based on the story of Abscam, the late-1970s FBI sting that ensnared more than a half-dozen politicians for accepting bribes — got shut out at the Oscars despite snagging 10 nominations. But the movie is living