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Chain email: "More than 1,000 American soldiers have lost their lives in Afghanistan in the last 27 months. This is more than the combined total of the nine years before."

The Truth-o-Meter says: False | Chain email says ‘more than 1,000 American soldiers have lost their lives in Afghanistan in the last 27 months’

A reader recently sent us an email that had a meandering — but strongly critical — message of opposition to President Barack Obama. The email — which can be read in its entirety here — urges v

Mike McFadden: Says Al Franken "voted to exempt himself and Congress from enrolling in (the Affordable Care Act marketplaces)."

The Truth-o-Meter says: False | GOP challenger says Al Franken voted to exempt himself from health care law

Republican Mike McFadden claims his midterm opponent, incumbent Sen. Al Franken, D-Minn., wanted to excuse himself from the health care reform’s requirement to buy insurance on the marketplace. “What’s Minnesota gotten f

The Tax Foundation: "Americans will spend more on taxes in 2014 than they will on food, clothing and housing combined."

The Truth-o-Meter says: Half-True | Do Americans pay more in taxes than in food, clothing and housing?

With the April 15 tax deadline a fresh memory, Americans have seen an uptick in social media posts about taxes. One reader saw a Facebook post and forwarded it to us, asking whether it was accurate. “Americans will spend more on taxes in

Kay Hagan: Says North Carolina Republican Senate candidate Thom Tillis "called Obamacare ‘a great idea.’ "

The Truth-o-Meter says: Mostly False | Kay Hagan says GOP rival Thom Tillis called Obamacare ‘a great idea’

In her quest to win a second term, Sen. Kay Hagan, D-N.C., has been hit hard by attacks over her vote for Obamacare. In a recent radio ad, she fights back, charging that her potential Republican opponent, state House Speaker Thom Ti

Democratic National Committee: "One thing that is much more unpopular than the Affordable Care Act is repealing the Affordable Care Act."

The Truth-o-Meter says: Mostly True | Which is more unpopular: Obamacare or repealing Obamacare?

Searching for painted eggs. Brunch with the family. Heading to church dressed in Sunday best. Debating health care. Maybe not all of those fit in your Easter morning routine, but when you’re a spokesman for one of the two major parties in this

John Kerry: "In the last couple of days, notices were sent (by officials in Ukraine) to Jews in one city indicating that they had to identify themselves as Jews."

The Truth-o-Meter says: False | John Kerry says Jews in eastern Ukraine told to register

Editor’s note: After receiving reader feedback on this rating, we expanded the “our ruling” section on April 21, 2014, to more fully explain our reasoning for the rating. Secretary of State John Kerry spoke from Geneva on Thursday with appallin

Marsha Blackburn: A recent Gallup poll found that 72 percent of Americans and 56 percent of Democrats "say the biggest threat to our nation's security is big government."

The Truth-o-Meter says: Half-True | GOP Rep. Marsha Blackburn says 56 percent of Democrats say ‘big government’ is ‘the biggest threat to our nation’s security’

Rep. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., isn’t as well known nationally as Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, or Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky. — two lawmakers who are weighing presidential bids in 201

Freedom Partners: Says Bruce Braley took "tens of thousands from his friends in the health insurance industry" and gave them "special favors" by voting for Obamacare.

The Truth-o-Meter says: Pants on Fire! | Freedom Partners ad accuses Rep. Bruce Braley of giving ‘special favors’ to insurers by voting for Obamacare

A new ad by Freedom Partners — a group that has served as a hub for funding by billionaire industrialists Charles and David Koch — recently began airing ads against Democratic Senate candi

Senate Majority PAC: "Before Congress, (Tom) Cotton got paid handsomely working for insurance companies and corporate interests."

The Truth-o-Meter says: False | Democratic PAC says Tom Cotton ‘got paid handsomely working for insurance companies’

This election cycle, we’ve seen vulnerable Senate Democrats attacked by the billionaire Koch brothers in costly TV ad spots. It’s safe to say, though, that Democrats are fighting back. Take the Senate Majority P

Senate Majority PAC: Says the Koch brothers "funded the fight to let flood insurance premiums soar … Now they’re spending millions to buy a Senate seat for Bill Cassidy so he can fight for them."

The Truth-o-Meter says: Mostly False | Democratic group assails Koch Brothers’ role in Louisiana Senate race

Charles and David Koch, the deep-pocketed, libertarian industrialists, seem to be all over the airwaves these days. If it’s not campaign ads being run by such Koch-supported affiliates as Americans for Prosperity, then it&rsq

Jay Carney: "Who will raising the minimum wage actually help? … More than half work full-time. The average worker is 35 years old."

The Truth-o-Meter says: Half-True | White House says most of those helped by its minimum-wage hike are full-time workers, with average age of 35

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney did his part last week to promote President Barack Obama’s proposal to raise the minimum wage from $7.25 an hour to $10.10. In a tweet on April 3, 201

Barack Obama: "More than 3 million young adults … have gained insurance under (the Affordable Care Act) by staying on their family’s plan."

The Truth-o-Meter says: Half-True | Obama says more than 3 million young adults got health coverage from parents’ plans

President Barack Obama touted the success of the Affordable Care Act after 7 million people enrolled in coverage on the marketplaces by the March 31 deadline. “Despite several lost weeks out of the gate because of probl

Charles Koch: "EPA officials have commended (Koch Industries) for our ‘commitment to a cleaner environment’ and called us ‘a model for other companies.’ "

The Truth-o-Meter says: Mostly False | Has the EPA called Koch brothers businesses a ‘model’ company for a clean environment?

For several weeks now, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., has taken to the chamber floor to malign David and Charles Koch, the billionaire brothers who contribute heavily to libertarian causes and bankroll

Harry Reid: The Koch brothers are "the richest people in the world. Individually, they're only fifth. Put them together they're the richest in the world."

The Truth-o-Meter says: Mostly True | Harry Reid says Koch brothers are richest family in the world

For weeks, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., has been using floor speeches to target Charles and David Koch, the industrialist brothers with libertarian political views who have spent generously — and gotten others to spend genero

Organizing for Action: A Koch brothers group is "going to college campuses, giving away free booze to try to bribe young folks out of getting health insurance."

The Truth-o-Meter says: Half-True | Organizing for Action says Koch brothers group used booze to bribe young people out of buying health insurance

“This is some sick crap.” So began an Organizing for Action fundraising email. The group attacked David and Charles Koch, the billionaire brothers who support the tea party movement. “This shou