Sunday, April 20, 2014
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GOP Congressman: More Guns The Answer

Posted by Dave Jamieson On December - 16 - 2012 ADD COMMENTS

WASHINGTON — In the wake of the mass killing that claimed 26 children and adults at a Connecticut elementary school Friday, Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas)… read more

CT Governor Calls For Tougher Gun Control

Posted by Dave Jamieson On December - 16 - 2012 ADD COMMENTS

WASHINGTON — Speaking about the mass killing of 26 children and adults at an elementary school in Newtown, Conn., on Friday, Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy… read more

How Gay Marriage Won at the Polls

Posted by Molly Ball, The Atlantic On December - 15 - 2012 ADD COMMENTS

Molly Ball, The AtlanticHow activists rewrote the political playbook, reversed decades of defeat, and finally won over voters.On May 9, President Obama sat for an interview in the White House with the ABC News anchor Robin Roberts. Both of them knew w… read more

Finally, Some Good Fiscal News For Maryland (Almost)

Posted by The Baltimore Sun On December - 14 - 2012 ADD COMMENTS

For the first time since a recession gripped the country in 2008, Maryland is approaching a General Assembly session with good fiscal news: Neither tax… read more

How Gay Marriage Won

Posted by Molly Ball, The Atlantic On December - 12 - 2012 ADD COMMENTS

Molly Ball, The AtlanticOn May 9, President Obama sat for an interview in the White House with the ABC News anchor Robin Roberts. Both of them knew what she'd been summoned there to discuss, and Roberts didn't waste any time. "So, Mr. P… read more

Obama ‘Confident’ Republicans Will Agree To Tax Deal

Posted by The Huffington Post On December - 11 - 2012 ADD COMMENTS

President Obama said he’s "optimistic" on reaching a fiscal cliff deal with congressional Republicans, predicting that the GOP will agree to extend tax cuts for… read more

Don’t believe everything you see on the web, even if it’s repeated by a news site or blog you trust. Especially if it seems too good to be true. read more

50 Shades of Grey Job Market

Posted by Terry Keenan, New York Post On December - 9 - 2012 ADD COMMENTS

Terry Keenan, New York PostThink news that the unemployment rate dipped again last month to a four-year low is an auspicious sign for the economy? Well, you’re correct —that is, if you’re a female age 55 or over, without … read more

DETROIT — A Detroit judge recently reprimanded for sending a shirtless photo of himself to an employee has been placed on leave amid allegations he… read more

British Prime Minister Reveals Controversial Gay Marriage Stance

Posted by Curtis M. Wong On December - 7 - 2012 ADD COMMENTS

British Prime Minister David Cameron says he supports same-sex marriage, but says he would not force religious groups and churches to hold ceremonies for LGBT… read more

It Was the Clinton Spending Cuts That Worked

Posted by Ed Morrissey, Fiscal Times On December - 6 - 2012 ADD COMMENTS

Ed Morrissey, Fiscal TimesSeems like everywhere we look, we see rising nostalgia for the Clinton Era.  Perhaps that's nowhere more evident than in the sudden burst of popular support for Hillary Clinton, who will step down as Secretary o… read more

The Truth-o-Meter says: Mostly True | Alan Grayson says more Walmart employees on Medicaid, food stamps than other companies

Leave it to Alan "Congressman with Guts" Grayson to get a security escort from Walmart on Thanksgiving. Grayson… read more


DeLay, Abramoff Meet For Lunch

Posted by Mollie Reilly On December - 5 - 2012 ADD COMMENTS

Two former Washington power players taken down by scandal were reunited on Wednesday for a lunch meeting between old friends. Jack Abramoff, the disgraced former… read more

Free speech is a beautiful thing. And it’s amazing how free someone’s speech becomes — and how unavoidable — when they’re part of a tiny… read more

Fox News To Karl Rove: Go Home

Posted by The Huffington Post On December - 4 - 2012 ADD COMMENTS

Karl Rove’s familiar 2012 presence on Fox News appears to be coming to a halt. New York Magazine reports that President Roger Ailes is limiting… read more

Boehner’s Smoke-and-Mirrors Deficit Proposal

Posted by Kevin Drum, Mother Jones On December - 4 - 2012 ADD COMMENTS

Kevin Drum, Mother JonesEarlier today, I argued that contrary to popular opinion, John Boehner has not agreed to raise more revenue as part of a deficit reduction plan. He's rather vaguely said he might agree to this, but he's steadfastly de… read more

Petraeus For President? Fox News Chief Once Advised General To Run

Posted by The Washington Post On December - 3 - 2012 ADD COMMENTS

Roger Ailes, the longtime Republican media guru, founder of Fox News and its current chairman, had some advice last year for then-Gen. David H. Petraeus…. read more

White House Awaits GOP Move On Fiscal Cliff

Posted by Mollie Reilly On December - 2 - 2012 ADD COMMENTS

WASHINGTON — Republicans have to stop using "political math" and say how much they are willing to raise tax rates on the wealthiest 2 percent… read more

Republicans, Welcome to Reality

Posted by Gary Younge, The Guardian On December - 2 - 2012 ADD COMMENTS

Gary Younge, The GuardianTurn autoplay offTurn autoplay onPlease activate cookies in order to turn autoplay offDefeat has shattered the US right's impenetrable front on tax and healthcare. The party's pragmatists are finding their voiceDick … read more

John Boehner On Fiscal Cliff Talks: ‘We’re Nowhere’

Posted by Laura Bassett On December - 2 - 2012 ADD COMMENTS

House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) said on Sunday that Republicans are nowhere near reaching a deal with the White House to avoid going over the… read more

Donald Sutherland: Is Life Insurance an ‘Entitlement?’

Posted by Donald Sutherland On December - 1 - 2012 ADD COMMENTS

If you don’t think it is, then how in the devil did the Republicans manage to persuade the Democrats that Social Security is! read more

It’s Not Racist & Sexist to Point Out Libya Lies

Posted by Bernard Goldberg, IBD On November - 30 - 2012 ADD COMMENTS

Bernard Goldberg, IBDThose old, angry, white Republican guys are at it again. They just can't control their worst instincts. They see a black face and they go nuts.Now they're going after U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice, not because she went on f… read more

WATCH: Conservative Columnist Draws Absurd Fiscal Cliff Comparison

Posted by Peter Finocchiaro On November - 30 - 2012 ADD COMMENTS

Conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer drew a curious comparison on Fox News Thursday evening between Washington’s fiscal cliff standoff and the Civil War. During a panel… read more

How Palestinians Can Achieve Independence

Posted by Jeffrey Goldberg, Bloomberg On November - 27 - 2012 ADD COMMENTS

Jeffrey Goldberg, BloombergBy Akiva HamiltonBy Christopher FordSign up for our daily newsletter and receive the latest news, analysis and videos in your inbox!By Daniel McGroartyBy Will Marshall read more
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