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Solving the Budget Problem

Imagine sitting down at your kitchen table to solve your family’s budget problems. Before you start working on the budget, you immediately declare that your biggest expenditures are off limits. Do you think you’d ever solve your problems?

Budget Watchdog To Candidates: Back Up Tough Talk

A new report from a bipartisan group warns that with the exception of Ron Paul’s plan, the GOP candidates’ economic proposals would likely worsen the nation’s debt problem. The Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget also says the candidates need to spell out specific cuts rather than offering vague targets.

We’re Already Europe

With seemingly every day bringing more bad news from Europe, many are beginning to ask how much longer the United States has before our welfare state follows the European model into bankruptcy. The bad news is: It may already have.
This year, the fourt…

Obama’s Busted Budget

In a town where bipartisan budget chicanery has been raised to an art form, President Obama’s latest budget proposal should be hailed as the da Vinci of fiscal obfuscation.
The president claims that his budget proposal reduces debt by $4 trillion…