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Generals conclude Obama backed al-Qaida


NEW YORK – The Obama White House and the State Department under the management of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton “changed sides in the war on terror” in 2011 by implementing a policy of facilitating the delivery of weapons to the al-Qaida-dominated rebel militias in Libya attempting to oust Moammar Gadhafi from power, the Citizens […]

New police radars can ‘see’ inside homes


(USATODAY) — WASHINGTON — At least 50 U.S. law enforcement agencies have secretly equipped their officers with radar devices that allow them to effectively peer through the walls of houses to see whether anyone is inside, a practice raising new concerns about the extent of government surveillance.
Those agencies, including the FBI and the U.S. Marshals […]

Babies not the only victims of abortion



Lakisha Wilson traveled to the Preterm Abortion Clinic in Cleveland on March 21, 2014, to end her unborn child’s life.
But she ended up losing far more than her unwanted baby.
Wilson’s abortion provider did not properly monitor the 22-year-old after the procedure, and Wilson eventually stopped breathing. She was rushed to a nearby hospital, where she […]

What the … ?! Look who’s ‘grilling’ Obama now


Meet the woman who will interview Obama Tuesday: GloZell Green – the green lipstick-wearing YouTube sensation who earned notoriety by gagging and swallowing a ladle full of cinnamon.
The Los Angeles-based YouTube star begins her clips by asking her viewers, “Hello this is Glozell! Is you OK? Is you? Good, ’cause I wanted to know!’” said […]

Supreme Court justices officiated at same-sex ‘marriages’


It appears two U.S. Supreme Court justices who effectively endorsed same-sex marriage by officiating at ceremonies will be ruling on whether or not the Constitution gives states the right to ban it.
A newly launched campaign, however, is raising questions about the justices’ controversial actions, contending they should recuse themselves from the case.
Arguments and legal briefs […]

Fire chief’s ouster beginning of the end for Christians?


The plight of Atlanta Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran has caught America’s attention, but he is just the latest Christian to have his career vaporized by something that was said or written, according to religious liberty advocates.
But unlike the dozens of other Christians who have lost jobs or businesses because they dared to violate the sensitivities […]

CNN confronts Jindal over Muslim ‘no-go zones’


(MEDIAITE) — Following a speech he gave in London Monday that referenced the discredited claims of “no-go zones” for non-Muslims in Britain, Gov. Bobby Jindal (R-LA) continued to defend his point to a CNN reporter who pressed him for evidence.
In his remarks, Jindal said, “It is startling to think that any country would allow, even […]

Terry McAuliffe hospitalized after thrown off horse


(WASHINGTONPOST) — RICHMOND — Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe has been hospitalized following a horse-riding accident over the Christmas holidays in Africa that left him with seven broken ribs and fluid around his lungs, a spokesman said Monday.
Spokesman Brian Coy said doctors had expected the weeks-old injury to heal on its own, but after identifying increased […]

Dinesh D’Souza celebrates ‘fellow jailbird’ MLK


(MEDIAITE) — Currently serving out eight months at a “community confinement center” after pleading guilty to violating campaign finance laws, conservative pundit Dinesh D’Souza has since been regaling us with his tweets, on which he presumably has all day to work.
On Martin Luther King Day the legacy of the civil rights leader caused D’Souza to […]

MLK would be ‘disappointed’ by racial protests


The former executive director for the greater Los Angeles chapter of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s Southern Christian Leadership Conference believes Dr. King would be greatly distressed at the ongoing racial division in the United States, and he says those presenting themselves as today’s black leaders cannot hold a candle to King and are merely […]

Major city braces for Israeli counterattack


WASHINGTON – Lebanon is bracing for an attack from Israel if the Iranian-backed Hezbollah retaliates for an Israeli military helicopter strike last week on the Syrian side of the Golan Heights.
The attack killed five Hezbollah fighters, including the son of Imad Muganiyeh, a top Hezbollah commander who was killed reportedly by Israelis in Syria in […]

Editor fired for Boehner death-threat article


(BOSTON HERALD) A associate editor who wrote an article making fun of death threats against House Speaker John Boehner has been fired.
Reached by phone today, Victor Paul Alvarez told the Herald, “Why not comment on the truth? Yes, I have been fired. That’s my comment.”
Alvarez, who posted a photo of the underside of a […]

Chaffetz yanks Issa’s portrait off wall


(SALT LAKE TRIBUNE) Rep. Jason Chaffetz, a Utah Republican who now is chairman of the Oversight and Government Reform Committee, recently decided to remove the large portraits of former committee chairmen that hung above the dark wood dais and replace them with more awe-inspiring images of Americana.
But the quiet move has sparked the ire of […]

Davos arrives as society on verge of breakdown


(USATODAY) — LONDON — Do-gooding captains of industry and government will travel up a Swiss mountain this week for the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting in Davos with one hefty task on their minds: how to make the world a better place.
Dozens of heads of state and 2,500 business leaders, along with cultural emissaries and […]

Ted Cruz blisters Obama, GOP establishment


MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (AP) — Sen. Ted Cruz urged arch-conservatives on Sunday to help nominate a Republican from their own ranks in 2016 or risk losing a third consecutive national election. The unspoken message: someone like him.
Cruz called GOP nominees like Mitt Romney in 2012, John McCain in 2008 and Bob Dole in 1996 “good, […]

Ben Carson mocks ‘political class’


(POLITICO) MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. — Ben Carson, the pediatric neurosurgeon who has become a conservative darling, on Sunday slammed presidential contenders who hail from the “political class” — an apparent jab at Jeb Bush and Mitt Romney, two of Carson’s potential 2016 rivals.
Carson, who is gleeful about his disdain for political correctness, appeared at the […]

Obama plays Robin Hood


(THE HILL) The White House wants President Obama to play the part of Robin Hood at Tuesday’s State of the Union address.
Obama hopes to use the big speech to remove a blemish of his presidency: an economic recovery that has left wage growth behind.
Free community college. A $175 billion tax cut for the middle class. […]

Robert Redford slams GOP


(VARIETY) Robert Redford, a guest on the latest edition of Variety‘s PopPolitics on SiriusXM, says that the Republican drive to pass a bill greenlighting the Keystone pipeline “makes no sense,” attributing the GOP majority’s prioritization of the project to the influence of the oil lobby and too many lawmakers “living in the 1950s.”
He also singled […]

Military veterans: Benghazi inquest compromised


The independent Citizens’ Commission on Benghazi, or CCB, has been doing its own investigation and working behind the scenes for the past year and a half to make sure Congress does the job the executive branch has failed to do: Namely, to get to the truth of what happened and to hold people accountable.
A major […]

Influential pastor names ‘Abortion Free’ Book of Month


Jack Hibbs, senior pastor of Calvary Chapel Chino Hills in California, has named 2014′s “Abortion Free: Your Manual for Building a Pro-Life America One Community at a Time” by Troy Newman and Cheryl Sullenger his “Book of the Month” and will feature it in the church’s bookstore in January.
Hibbs ministers to a congregation of […]

Rabbi defends his plan to arm European Jews


A prominent rabbi and Jewish leader who made headlines last week when he called for the arming of Jews in Europe is now taking to American airwaves to clarify his proposal and to defend the plan from critics.
Rabbi Menachem Margolin is the director general of the Rabbinical Centre of Europe and the European Jewish Association, […]

Obama’s other weapon to cripple Congress


WASHINGTON – President Obama’s use of executive actions to govern while bypassing Congress is well known, particularly after his move in November to grant amnesty to 5 million illegal immigrants.
What is perhaps not as well-known is the president’s increasingly frequent use of a second powerful tool to go around Congress – regulations.
And those regulations, often carrying […]

Pelosi pick tied to Islamist ‘front’ group


When House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi selected the first Muslim ever to serve on the House’s Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, she chose a man with a history of questionable associations.
Earlier, the Middle East Forum’s Islamist Watch project, run by expert Daniel Pipes, revealed Pelosi pick Rep. Andre Carson, D-Ind., received campaign contributions from numerous […]

Fox News apologizes 4 times for Muslim reporting


(MONEY.CNN) — Fox News took time out of four broadcasts on Saturday to apologize for four separate instances of incorrect information that portrayed Muslims in a negative light.
Several of the cases involved incendiary comments about “no-go zones” in Europe, where Islamic law supposedly supersedes local law and where non-Muslims fear to go.
Other media outlets have […]