Sony: From Hack Victim to Gutless Coward


Tom Bevan, RealClearPolitics
Like most Americans, I followed the news about the hacking of Sony Pictures with a bit of guilty pleasure. Hacking is a serious matter—a crime, in this case, and not a prank—but I read most of the titilla

Cuba: To Embargo or Not?


Michael Totten, World Affairs Journal
For years now, the embargo has appeared to me as outdated as it has been ineffective. The Chinese government, while less repressive nowadays than CubaÂ’s, likewise defies internationally accepted standards of

Obama Gives Rubio a Gift from Cuba


Eli Lake & Josh Rogin, BloombergFor the last year, the junior senator from Florida had been a bit lost at sea. After his election in 2010, Rubio was the darling of the Tea Party movement and a leading contender for the 2016 presidential nomination…

Pope Francis’ Disturbing Cuba Activism


On Wednesday, President Barack Obama announced that the United States would be changing its policy toward Cuba, opening a Havana embassy and expanding travel. “Through these changes, we intend to create more opportunities for the American and Cub…